20 Jobs That Will Pay You To Do Some Weird Things

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It’s not easy to find your place in this world especially when it comes to finding your dream job. There are many options like working outdoors or in an office, doing something creative or working with numbers, working with animals or supporting people… there are a lot of factors you have to consider. But before you decide on anything, it would be best if you saw some of the weirdest jobs in the world.

1. Gross stunt tester

These people test the stunts before famous celebrities have to do gross things for votes or money or whatever…

2. Waterslide tester

The water slides also need a tester to make sure everything is fun. If you love to ride water slides, this is the perfect job for you. Just make sure accidents like this don’t happen.

3. Gumologist

There are actually people who test out new flavors and types of chewing gum and bubble gum.

4. Snake Milker

Who knew that snakes could be milked? Well if you don’t mind handling snakes, you can join other snake milkers who extract the venom from snakes.

5. Bed tester

I think I found my dream job… Bed testers have to make sure that mattresses and pillows are good for hotels and brands. They just have to take a nap on all kinds of bed! That simple!

6. Nude model

A lot of art schools hire nude models so their students can learn to draw people with accurate anatomy. Basically, you have to strip naked and stand still for hours. Sounds like something I could do!

7. Professional cuddler

Professional cuddlers spend their days providing needed cuddles to their clients who need a little affection.

8. Dog food taster

Definitely not my taste but yeah, this is a job!

9. Adult Toy Tester

To not get into more details, you’d probably have to be comfortable with everything in 50 Shades of Grey!

10. Professional line stander

Nobody likes to stand in line and this is why some people pay good money for other people to stand in line for them.

11. Human Scarecrow

You can do this job if you like standing around in fields all day scaring birds off.

12. Ostrich Babysitter

You would earn $20 an hour by doing this job. It actually looks pretty fun!

13. Train stuffer

They are paid to stuff people into the train doors during rush hour. You have to be comfortable pushing people around for this job!

14. Rollercoaster Tester

You will be testing all theme park rides. While it’s hard to get a ride ready for public, you have to be brave to test a ride that might need to work some bugs.

15. Professional Bridesmaid

If your friends aren’t reliable then you can consider hiring a professional bridesmaid to step in your big day.

16. Professional mourner

If you look good in black and can cry often, this is the job for you!

17. Dice quality inspector

For a dice to stay fair to all players, they’re tested by professionals first.

18. Car plate blocker

In some places they have strict policies for when you can drive your car to avoid congestion, and this is why some people employ others to walk behind their car and in this way the security cameras can’t see their plates.

19. Chicken sexer

You have to spend your day picking up tiny chicks and determine if they are male or female.

20. Bicycle fisher

This job involves fishing through rivers in places like Amsterdam, for bicycles that have fallen into the waters below.

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