Photorealism in the Modern Age: Interview with Keerthi Pratyusha

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Here we present, Keerthi Pratyusha Nelluri , an amazing self taught artist from Visakhapatnam.

We recently caught up with Keerthi for a discussion, where she discusses her life, her inspiration, her motivation, and her love for Art.

We would like to know what made you choose this path? How and where did this journey begin?

I’ve always been a calm person throughout my life.
Being with myself was my superpower😂 An art person by heart, i started drawing since last three years and i drew what i felt like and i was consistent and that helped me to gain the skill in the technique of shadings. When i started it was a passion, i just felt peace in going to a corner and doing drawing every single day. Honestly I didn’t think I’ll become a professional freelance artist and be where i am today.

I started calling myself as an self taught artist in all my social media after like 1 year of doing continuous drawings, and mean while i learnt everything by myself through research and YouTube. I never stopped (even till today) seeing works of other international artists and the never stopped researching.

I am too small to define and teach art .. But I believe it’s happiness or emotion connected to people. So an art takes away d passionate artist to a different world to deliver d emotion/happiness to admirers.

Realism is what i do the most of the time, but What i see is people are being connected to what i draw and that makes my art soulful. I just don’t draw the faces, i try to bring in that emotion in a paper and that makes my art different from others.

How were you at school when you were a kid?

I was always the invisible silent kid, I was never outgoing always to myself.

So did you know back then while at school that you would do something like this when you grow up?

Yes, I always felt i was never a fit to the others.
I wanted to do something creative since the beginning.

What was the kind of support you received from your family? Were they all happy with your decision and career choice?

Both Mother & Father are in very different fields, but the completely understand how art is for heart.

When i started being so good at what i am, they always pushed me to do better ones.They strongly believe art and money are not related in anyway. They just enjoy seeing my works. My biggest support is my father.
He’s my biggest critic and always takes me to the art store and spoils me to buy more and more stationary.

Who is your inspiration?

Clio Newton, Sadashivanth, Mike Dargas

I stalk them everytime 😋

Interested in Traveling ?

Yes, my parents travel a lot too, We’ve travelled almost all india.

What is your favorite holiday destination?

Andamans, Because of its beach!

What are your plans for the future?

And i want to start my own art school too. Purely to encourage artists.It’s for people like me, who are passionate towards art and just need a tinge of technical skill.

We Wish Keerthi Pratyusha All the best for her Future Endeavors! Follow her on Instagram @pratyusha_kp


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