Public Key Cryptography – Hyderabad

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Prof Martin Hellman an American cryptologist and joint-inventor of public key cryptography,

TuringAward winner and Professor Emeritus of Electrical
Engineering at Stanford University, will speak about The Evolution of Public Key Cryptography. While public key cryptography is seen as revolutionary, after this talk you might
wonder why it took cryptologists like Martin Hellman so long to discover it. The lecture will highlight the ‘under- sung’ contributions of public key cryptology –
Ralph Merkle, John Gill, Stephen Pohlig, Richard Schroeppel, Loren Kohnfelder, and reserachers at GCHQ-James Ellis, Clifford Cocks, and Malcolm Williamson. In conclusion, it will examine the relationship between the continued evolution of
cryptography, Alan Turing’s work on computable real numbers, and Hellman’s current work on reducing the risk of a nuclear war.

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