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We are therefore left with the normal mode of sale contemplated by the Rules, namely public auction (d) if he is not a citizen of India, or has voluntarily acquired the citizenship of a foreign State, or is under any acknowledgment of allegiance or adherence to a foreign State; – (e) if he is so disqualified by or under any law made by Parliament. This conclusion is reached, it will be seen, not by reading the Explanation into article 286 (2) as a sort of exception but giving to all the provisions the status of independent Chandigarh Lawyers enactments and determining what, on a construction of the, language, their respective spheres of operation are.

Explanation to article 286(1) (a) enacts that sales in the course of inter-State trade in which goods are Advocates Chandigarh delivered for consumption in a State shall be deemed to have taken place inside that State. The judgment of the appellate court must, therefore, reflect its conscious application of mind and record findings supported by reasons, on all the issues arising along with the contentions put forth, and pressed by the parties for decision of the appellate court. 2006 directing the respondent to deposit 50% of the decretal amount within six weeks and by subsequent order dated 18.

nIn the present case, there has not been any notification in the Gazette to bring the “otherwise” portion of Rule I. After the Constitution these powers were transferred to the Governor of Bihar nWe refer to Chandigarh Lawyer this because before the Constitution the Local Government was empowered to act under section 3(1) (f) and section 6(b) of the Patna Administration Act, 1915. ” But the true import of this passage was discussed by the Privy Council in their later pronouncement in Rangasami Gounden v.

As the sons of Ram Narayan claim as heirs of Haripada and not of their father, the admissions, if any, made by the latter could not in any way bind them. ” We are concerned in this appeal only with article 102(1)(e). An Advocate of the Supreme Court is governed by special and rigid rules of professional conduct expected of and applied to a specially privileged class of persons who because of their privileged status are subject to certain disabilities which do not attach to other Advocate in Chandigarh men and which do not even attach to an Advocate while acting otherwise than as Advocate.

We may unhesitatingly state that we do not remotely get a sprinkle of bliss by ingeminating or repeating the same. n479 “The appellants who claim through Matadin Singh and Baijnath Singh must be held bound by the consent of their fathers. The appellate court has jurisdiction to reverse or affirm the findings of the trial court. 376 of 2005, the appellant is before us. thought of a similar matter in the Punjab Record case, is something which does not arise for decision here.

This contention of the appellant must therefore fail This proposition, Their Lordships observed, was opposed both to principle and authority, it being a settled doctrine of Hindu law that nobody has a vested right so long as the widow is alive and the eventual reversioner does not claim through anyone who went before him. It has been done following the rigoristic concept of duty for duty sake with the great expectation that this would be the last one.

2007 the Division Bench having allowed the FAO(OS) No. It is enough to say that those cases are distinguishable on the around that the Judges there were not considering a case of disciplinary action. By the impugned order dated 20. 2006 the time was extended by another four weeks. Pending disposal of the appeals, an interim order was passed on 21. Whether these cases were rightly decided or whether they would also be hit on the ground of public policy as Chitty J.

The combined effect of all these provisions is that States can tax sales in the course of inter-State trade if they fall within the Explanation. I into play, nor have tenders been called for in the only way which Rule I. Considering all the issues, we are quashing the order of dismissal as well as the order of confirmation of such by the Appellate Authority and remanding the matter back to the Disciplinary Authority under the service regulation of the delinquent to decide the quantum of punishment as would be commensurating with the charge of misconduct as admitted, which invites only minor punishment.

The first appeal is a valuable right of the parties and unless restricted by law, the whole case is therein open for rehearing both on questions of fact and law. That is the command of the provision and has been clearly stated by this Court in number of occasions. Nachippa Gounden(1) and it was held that the words referred to above should I not be construed to lay down the proposition that such consent on the part of the father would operate proprio vigore and would be binding on the sons.

It is necessary to state here that the High Court while admitting the second appeal should have framed the substantial question(s) of law which would have been adverted to at the time of final hearing.

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