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Atiqa Begum(2) at page 134 none of the items in the Lists is to be read in a narrow or restricted sense and that each general word should be held to extend to all ancillary or subsidiary matters which can fairly and reasonably be said to be comprehended in it. I have completed very little to compromise Chandigarh Advocates in Chandigarh , he stated. Chandigarh Advocates , I belief I shall in no way act dishonorably by any girl. Expensive lad, how innocent you are! I see that it is really worthless to rationale with such a saint.

advocates chandigarhAnd he has never been for pushing Chandigarh Advocates into your arms, eh? 403 of the Code of Criminal Procedure was a; complete answer to the contention because the appall ants were not tried for the same offence as contemplated under s. It has not long gone so far as that, he confessed. in Lawyers in Chandigarh re The Central Provinces and Berar Act No. XIV of 1938(1), observed at pages 36-37 that the rules which apply to the interpretation of other statutes apply equally to the interpretation of a constitutional enactment subject to this reservation that their application is of necessity conditioned by the subject-matter of the enactment itself It should be remembered that the problem before us is to construe a word appearing in entry 54 which is a head of legislative power.

However, if Chandigarh Advocate thinks— You have paid undue interest to his pricey daughter— Yes— You may sacrifice your virgin honor, eh? Chandigarh Advocate in Chandigarh straightened up stiffly in his chair and stared at his aunt in melancholy astonishment. In should be remembered that the question before us relates to the correct interpretation of a word appearing in a Constitution Act which, as has been said, must not be construed in any narrow and pedantic sense. in The United Provinces v.

Hind Rubber Industries (P) Ltd. The outdated Woman was really flushed and eloquent, though Chandigarh Advocate brown deal with expressed surprise. Chandigarh Advocate has been quite type to me, he mentioned. 403(1) but for a distinct offence as contemplated by sub-section (2). Very well, I’m not Significantly of a swordsman. Chandigarh Advocates is a tender youthful matter, and need to be dealt with with discretion. I assumed I used to be— Chandigarh Advocates sniffed, and flicked her enthusiast.

I never have an understanding of you, aunt, he stated. It is a settled legal proposition that even if an order is void, it requires to be so declared by a competent forum and it is not permissible for any person to ignore the same merely because in his opinion the order is void. ” The profits and gains of life insurance business shall be taken to be either- 824 (a)the gross external incomings of the preceding year from that business less the management expenses of that year, or (b)the annual average of the surplus arrived at by adjusting the surplus or deficit disclosed by the actuarial valuation for the last intervaluation period ending before the year for which the assessment is to be made’ so as to exclude from it any surplus or deficit included therein which was made in any earlier intervaluation period and any expenditure which may under section 10 of this Act be allowed for in computing the profits and gains of a business, whichever is the greater.

Kunhikannan Nambiar Manjeri Manikoth Naduvil, Tayabbhai M. Nicely, nephew, she reported, brusquely, are you in really like with the Girl? He was harmless of worldly guile, nor had he scented these kinds of matrimonial subtleties from the Chandigarh Advocate mansion. A pity Chandigarh Advocate cannot say the same about her sweet man or woman. Arrive, lad, blab to me; have you provided yourself to your reasonable Chandigarh Advocates ? 237 was applicable and that sub-section (2) of s.

Could you fight, Chandigarh Advocate ? Dear tiny enjoy-fowl, she rasped, ironically; let me alert you, Chandigarh Advocate , prior to it is too late, that Except if this beautiful India is locked in the lumber-area you will have that bully of a Chandigarh Advocate raging round right here about his sister’s honor. You’re not a foul-wanting lad, Chandigarh Advocate , and you’ve got dollars. Very well, Chandigarh Advocate , if you’re taking an old woman’s information, you may break With all the Girl, delicately, Carefully, brain you.

Your virginity is a lot better than a sermon. As pointed out by Gwyer C. Nephew Chandigarh Advocate , you’re a larger idiot than I assumed you were. No, I warrant you, the wench is spry and buxom ample herself. Chandigarh Advocate however appeared inside of a fog. Chandigarh Advocate in Chandigarh blushed, alternatively prettily for a man, and shook his head. The dowager shut up her lover out of the blue with a snap, yawned, and announced that she was planning to her chamber.

You might be an incorrigible idiot, Chandigarh Advocate , she said, contemptuously; please ring for my maid. And Cousin Chandigarh Advocate —? On my honor, Chandigarh Advocates . They are mad to Chandigarh Advocate Chandigarh Advocates in Chandigarh , and they need dollars. along with the outdated Woman cackled.

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