These 10 Reasons Will Convince You To Date A Marwari Girl

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Lately, our Indian society has been inclined towards Marwari girls. Yes, an indispensable reason for “lately” being Marwari girls don’t marry at 18 years nowadays. That said, if you want to experience life with a Marwari, here’s the perks you’ll probably enjoy!

  1. Excellent business sense

Business is the first and foremost profession of Marwaris. They eat business, drink business and sleep business. Naturally, your Marwari girlfriend has also learned all business tricks since she was in the elementary. And nothing can be better than a beauty with business sense!

  1. They are the cooking queens

Marwari girls totally nail the saying “a man’s heart is via his mouth.” The awesome mirchi ke pakode, pav bhaji and paranthas will definitely capture your heart. Your lottery ticket to best home delicacies ever!

  1. Dressing sense – Classy!

Be it the colourful ghagra for functions, elegant sari for that special meeting with your parents or the classy and sophisticated LBD for late night clubbing, your Marwari girlfriend knows how to look beautiful yet graceful, ever. With so many colours in her dress, your life will never be dull!

  1. Money-saving machines

Marwari girls are lovers of piggy banks and they have many. They are extremely good negotiators and bargainers. So even if you are taking your girl out for shopping, don’t worry. She will save enough from her bargains to keep your pocket, warm!

  1. Instant favorite of your parents

Marwari girls are extremely down to earth and rooted in their traditions. They are modern and contemporary by fashion and lifestyle, but traditional when it comes to family and values.Beware! You might end up being your own mom and dad’s second favorite!

  1. Your personal home decorators

If you have ever visited a Marwari house, you will find exquisite decorations, furniture placed at the right place and exquisite paintings and drawings. And they are cleanliness freaks. So having a Marwari girlfriend means you will never have to say that line from ‘Hum Tum’, “Darling, tum interior decoration ka course kyun nahi karti?.”

  1. Energy Boosters

Unlike other families, Marwari girls are much disciplined. But they also know how to enjoy and have fun.Pick a place, be it a crazy restaurant or a haunted place, and she is ready. Date any Marwari girl and you will always feel energized around her.

  1. Daddy’s favorite

Marwari girls are pampered by their family, especially her daddy. Marwari dads make sure that their daughters live a grand life and they will not hesitate in doing, whatever they can to make it happen. And if you can win the heart of a Marwari girl, be ready to get pampered and taken care by her dad.

  1. Lavish Weddings

Yes, their weddings are over-the-top. But this also means lavish food and drinks, gorgeous dresses and lots and lots of gifts. They earn a lot and equally, spend a lot. Dating a Marwari girl is definitely going to make you feel like a prince.

  1. Sexy figure

Last but not the least, Marwari girls are known to have a sexy and lean figure. So she can impress you with both a gorgeous sari and a sexy little black dress.

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