Tips to remove Holi Colours

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Holi, as we all know, is the festival of colors. It signifies victory over evil and the arrival of spring. It is a festival celebrated with vibrant colors. But, over a period of time, the use of colors has deteriorated and are very harsh on your skin and hair. We often struggle to take those color patches off our skin.

Here, we have some tips to get rid of Holi colors without damaging your skin & hair.

1. Do not wash your face with soap or facewash again and again as it will make your skin dry.

2. Use coconut oil soaked cotton to wipe off the colors of your face.

3. Use cold water to get rid of the colors contrary to the belief of using hot water. Hot water actually fastens the color and makes it more difficult to take off the color.

4. Use lemon juice to wipe off color from your face. Lemon juice along with gram flour & curd acts as a very good mask to lighten and remove colors. Lemon juice along with honey also helps in removing colors and keeping the skin toned up.

5. Do not undergo any facial, bleach or any chemical treatment on the face as they are harsh on the skin.

6. Massage egg yolk to your hair or methi seeds powder with curd and leave it for 30 min. And then rinse it off. This helps in removing color and help nourish the hair simultaneously.

7. After scrubbing off the shades of Holi color from your body it is essential to take care of your skin and hair. Keep moisturising your skin with glycerine and rosewater.

These measures will help you remove the Holi color from your skin and hair and protect them from harmful effects of colors. It is always advisable to use herbal colors. Use Herbal colors and play safe this Holi.

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